The RMLS is a three-day course that focuses on the top twenty ailments seen by remote medics, military medics or any healthcare provider working in austere locations.

This Remote EMT course is taught by Remote Paramedics.  For six days you will be taught remote medical skills.  You will cover topics such as pre-planning, operator health, remote assessments, tourniquets, bleeding control, primary care operational medicine, and advanced medical procedures.  You will also treat casualties using simulation scenarios with casualty evacuation and oversight.

The RAMS is a five-day course provides medical skills and didactic learning for the deployed and operational medical practitioner. It continues from where the TTEMS course left off. The aim of the course is to provide innovative and expert medical skills for the operational, deployed and offshore practitioners to become better and more proficient in their professional career.

There are 17 sections:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Tactical Laboratory
  • Ventilator Theory
  • Austere Hydration
  • Plaster Casting
  • Buddy Transfusion
  • Advanced Suturing
  • Burns and Sepsis
  • Advanced Procedures
  • Prolonged Field Care
  • Traditional Medicine
  • Austere Critical Care
  • Improvised Medicine
  • Haemodynamic Monitoring
  • Disaster Response
  • Capnography
  • Ultrasound for Remote Environments