Welcome to the Higher Diploma if Remote Paramedic Practice. 

This programme is 120 ECTS credits over two years. Here are the courses that you will be taking:

Year 1

RPP101 Remote Emergency Medical Technician 5 credits
RPP102 Applied Medical Sciences 10 credits
RPP103 Foundations of Paramedic Science 15 credits
RPP104 Foundations of Paramedic Practice 15 credits
RPP105 Clinical Practicum 15 credits

Year 2

RPP201 Foundations of Expeditionary & Tropical Medicine 10 credits
RPP202 Advanced concepts of Remote Clinical Practice 10 credits
RPP203 Foundations in Critical Care 10 credits
RPP204 Clinical Practicum 15 credits
RPP205 Capstone Project in Austere Clinical Practice 15 credits