Welcome to your online TacMedReview portal. Here you will find online lectures, videos and documents available for download that will help you study for the BCCTPC Tactical Paramedic board certification. 

The TMR is a review course for the BCCTPC board certification exam for the Tactical Paramedic (TP-C) and Tactical Responder (TR-C). It is relevant for the military, law enforcement and security industries.

The Tactical Paramedic is designed for the experienced paramedic registered tactical medical provider. It reviews the advanced medical skills needed whilst caring for the combat casualty with the ability for prolonged field care conditions.

The Tactical Responder is designed for anyone who may be a first once scene during a tactical engagement.

Operators working for law enforcement departments, military units, close protection details, offshore oil rigs and ocean going vessels will benefit from these board certification exams.