Wilderness Expedition Dentistry is a branch of medicine that addresses prevention, assessment and management of accidents and emergencies associated with the orofacial region in remote settings, where definitive care is often days or weeks away. This is a rapidly evolving field of increasing importance as more people engage in potentially hazardous and longer expeditions.

This course is for Medics and Paramedics. Designed for rig, offshore and remote access support Medics. Channelling your inherent medical skills for the benefit of the expedition team.

In this course we will critically examine the challenges of providing safe and effective dental care in an austere environment. We will focus not only on the prevention of dental issues to be expected in the field, but also the evaluation and treatment phase.

We will discuss diagnosis and management of primary facial trauma. Dealing with these tense situations when medivac is delayed can be stressful. This course will help to build up your toolbox, prepare you for dealing with such a situation, making you a productive viable team member.

This course is designed to be realistic, achievable and practical for medic level. It will establish your position at the frontline of preventing medivac for dental issues. Thus increasing the efficiency and decreasing the financial loss to your employer.